Friday, November 29, 2013

What has happened to the Texans and Falcons?

The Atlanta Falcons came into the year fresh off a 13-3 campaign and an NFC Championship Game appearance. They added top-tier Free Agents Steven Jackson and Sean Witherspoon and convinced Tony Gonzalez to stick around another year. They also boasted the best Wide Receiver duo in the league with Roddy White and Julio Jones. Although they lost in their season opener to New Orleans they were competitive and Steven Jackson looked good. However, Roddy White had just 19 receiving yards. He had an injured ankle and it would hamper him for weeks to come, having to sit out for three consecutive weeks and it still hampers the 32-year old. Starting Running Back Steven Jackson injured his hamstring in the same week 1 game and didn't play for multiple weeks. Sean Witherspoon and Julio Jones also sustained injuries and future Hall-of-Famer Tight End Tony Gonzalez has not been the same in years past. Atlanta is a disappointing 2-9 and their ceiling is 5 wins. 

The Houston Texans are 2-9 and struggling to find anything to put a positive spin on possibly the worst season in Texans history. Quarterback Matt Schaub has been benched. All-Pro Wide Receiver Andre Johnson is frustrated. Star Running Back Arian Foster is out for the season and so is Star Linebacker Brian Cushing. Prized offseason aquisition Ed Reed has been cut. Tight End Owen Daniels is out and Cornerback Jonathan Joseph has failed to return to Pro Bowl form. Backup Running Back Ben Tate has been benched for undrafted Free Agent Denis Johnson. The Fans and Head Coach Gary Kubiak have given up. It's just an ugly season for the Texans.   


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Top 10 Soccer Clubs in the World

1. FC Barcelona 

2. Real Madrid 

3. Bayern Munich 

4. Chelsea 

5. Manchester City

6. Manchester United

7. Paris Saint-German

8. Athletico Madrid

9. Dortmund 

10. Inter Milan 

NFL Power Rankings Week 12-13

1. Seattle Seahawks 10-1
Last Ranking: 1
2. New Orleans Saints 9-2
Last Ranking: 3
3. Carolina Panthers 8-3
Last Ranking: 4
4. Denver Broncos 9-2
Last Ranking: 2
5. New England Patriots 7-3
Last Ranking: 6
6. Kansas City Chiefs 9-2
Last Ranking: 5 
7. San Francisco 49ers 7-4 
Last Ranking: 10
8. Cincinnati Bengals 7-4 
Last Ranking: 8 
9. Indianapolis Colts 7-4
Last Ranking: 7
10. Arizona Cardinals 7-4
Last Ranking: 12
11. St. Louis Rams 5-6
Last Ranking: 14
12. Green Bay Packers 5-5-1
Last Ranking: 15
13. Philadelphia Eagles 6-5 
Last Ranking: 13
14. Chicago Bears 6-5 
Last Ranking: 9
15. Detroit Lions 6-5 
Last Ranking: 11 
16. Dallas Cowboys 6-5
Last Ranking: 17 
17. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-6
Last Ranking: 21
18. Tennessee Titans 5-6 
Last Ranking: 24 
19. San Diego Chargers 5-6 
Last Ranking: 22
20. Miami Dolphins 5-6 
Last Ranking: 18
21. Baltimore Ravens 5-6 
Last Ranking: 23
22. Buffalo Bills 4-7
Last Ranking: 20
23. New York Giants 4-7
Last Ranking: 19
24. Oakland Raiders 4-7
Last Ranking: 25
25. New York Jets 5-6
Last Ranking: 15
26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-8
Last Ranking: 29
27. Cleveland Browns 4-7 
Last Ranking: 26 
28. Washington Redskins 3-8
Last Ranking: 27
29. Atlanta Falcons 2-9
Last Ranking: 31
30. Minnesota Vikings 2-8-1 
Last Ranking: 28
31. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-9
Last Ranking: 32
32. Houston Texans 2-9
Last Ranking: 31 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week 13 Thanksgiving Picks

The Sports Kids Week 13 NFL Picks 

Green Bay Packers  [5-5-1] @ Detroit Lions [6-5]

This is a huge Divisional matchup for the two teams and both are on losing streaks. The Packers will be without Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and are 0-3-1 since he broke his collerbone in week 9. Matt Flynn will likely get the start for Green Bay. It should be a close game, and the winner will be in the driver seat in the weak NFC North, so this should be a good one. 

Green Bay 24-17 Detroit  

Oakland Raiders [4-7] @ Dallas Cowboys [6-5] 

Oakland 28-35 Dallas  

Pittsburgh Steelers [5-6]  Baltimore Ravens [5-6

Not only is this a big rivlalry game but the winner will likely become the front-runner for the AFC's No.6 playoff seed and the loser will be all but eliminated from playoff contention. Wide Receiver Jacoby Jones will look to put up another big game after going off for 103 yards last week but Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers will look to win their sixth of their last 8 games. Both teams will be looking to get to .500. 

Pittsburgh 20-17 Baltimore 

Derrick Rose Done For Season

Chicago Bulls Star Point Guard Derrick Rose is out for the season with a knee tear. Rose has played in just 10 games over the last 2 seasons after missing all of last season with a torn ACL in his other knee. Rose will likely never be the same player and his injury ends Chicago's title hopes. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

NBA Power Rankings #1

1. Indiana Pacers 13-1
2. San Antonio Spurs 13-1
3. Miami Heat 11-3
4. Portland TrailBlazers 12-2
5. Oklahoma City Thunder 8-3
6. Los Angeles Clippers 10-5
7. Golden State Warriors 8-6
8. Houston Rockets 9-5
9. Minnesota Timberwolves 8-7
10. Memphis Grizzlies 7-6
11. Dallas Mavericks 9-5
12. Atlanta Hawks 8-6
13. New Orleans Pelicans [Hornets] 6-6
14. Denver Nuggets 6-6
15. Phoenix Suns 6-6
16. Chicago Bulls 6-6
17. Orlando Magic 4-8
18. Charlotte Bobcats 7-7
19. Detroit Pistons 5-8
20. Philadelphia 76ers 6-9
21. Wahington Wizards 5-8
22. Los Angeles Lakers 6-7
23. Toronto Raptors 6-7
24. Boston Celtics 5-10
25. New York Knicks 3-9
26. Cleveland Cavaliers 4-10
27. Sacramento Kings 4-8
28. Brooklyn Nets 3-10
29. Utah Jazz 1-13
30. Milwaukee Bucks 2-10

A look at the NFL Playoff Picture through the first 3/4 of the season

If the season ended today 


1. Denver Broncos 10-1
2. Cincinnati Bengals 7-4
3. Indianapolis Colts 7-4
4. New England Patriots 7-4 
5. Kansas City Chiefs 9-2
6. Tennessee Titans 5-6 


1. Seattle Seahawks 10-1
2. New Orleans Saints 8-2 
3. Dallas Cowboys 6-5
4. Detroit Lions 6-5
5. Carolina Panthers 7-3
6. San Francisco 49ers 7-4

But as we know the NFL is an ever-changing league and things could look very different in week 17. 

My Projections 


1. Denver Broncos 14-2
2. New England Patriots 12-4
3. Cincinnati Bengals 11-5
4. Indianapolis Colts 10-6
5. Kansas City Chiefs 13-3
6. Miami Dolphins 8-8


1. Seattle Seahawks 15-1
2. Carolina Panthers 12-4
3. Green Bay Packers 9-6-1
4. Philadelphia Eagles 9-7
5. New Orleans Saints 12-4
6. San Francisco 49ers 11-5

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tom Brady and the Patriots comeback against Peyton Manning and the Broncos

New England 34-31 Denver 

The Patriots looked good early forcing a Broncos three & out on the first drive of the game. But then Stevan Ridley fumbled the ball in New England territory and the Broncos took it back for a touchdown. When Tom Brady got then ball back he was sacked at his own 30 yard line but the ball went out and the Broncos brought it back to the 10 which led to a 1-yard Knowshon Moreno score. The score was 14-0 and just barely 5 minutes into the game when Patriots Running Back LeGarrette Blount fumbled which led to a Broncos field goal. Manning then hit Jacob Tamme for a 1-yard touchdown pass to put the Broncos up 24-0 at the half. But Tom Brady and the Pats managed to strike first in the second half with a 5-yard Juliun Edelman Touchdown reception. The Pats then got two more touchdowns to narrow down the gap to 24-21 going into the 4th Quarter. Brady threw another TD and Stephen Gostikowski nailed a 31yd kick to put New England up 31-24. Peyton Manning then brought his Broncos down the field for a TD and Tom Brady and New England were stopped which led to overtime. Brady and Manning each got multiple possessions before it was Tommy who drove his team down the field to set up the game winning kick by Gostikowski. Brady was 34 of 50 for 344 yards and 3 touchdowns while Peyton Manning was just 19 of 36  for only 150 yards 2 touchdowns and an interception. The Patriots as a team ran for just 116 yards on 31 carries which is only 3.7 yards per carry while the Broncos had 4.8 yards per carry and 280 yards rushing. Former Patriot Wes Welker was disappointing in the loss with just 31 yards on 4 catches.

Game MVP: Tom Brady

NBA Playoff Picture 2.0


1. Miami Heat
2. Indiana Pacers
3. Atlanta Hawks
4. New York Knicks
5. Chicago Bulls
6. Brooklyn Nets
7. Detroit Pistons
8. Charlotte Bobcats

Miami over Charlotte in 4
Indiana over Detroit in 6
Atlanta over Brooklyn in 6
Chicago over New York in 7

Miami over Chicago in 4
Indiana over Atlanta in 5

Indiana over Miami in 7


1. San Antonio Spurs 
2. Oklahoma City Thunder 
3. Los Angeles Clippers 
4. Houston Rockets 
5. Golden State Warriors 
6. Dallas Mavericks 
7. Memphis Grizzlies 
8. Minnesota Timberwolves 

Minnesota over San Antonio in 7 
Oklahoma City over Memphis in 6
Los Angeles over Dallas in 6 
Golden State over Houston in 6 

Golden State over Minnesota in 7
Los Angeles over Oklahoma City in 7 

Los Angeles over Golden State in 6 


Game 1: Los Angeles 
Game 2: Indiana 
Game 3: Indiana 
Game 4: Los Angeles 
Game 5: Indiana 
Game 6: Los Angles 
Game 7: Indiana 
Indiana over Los Angeles in 7 


MVP: Lebron James SF Miami Heat 

Defensive Player of the Year: Roy Hibbert C Indiana Pacers 

Rookie of the Year: Michael Carter-Williams PG 76ers

Most Improved Player: Eric Bledsoe PG Phoenix Suns 

Coach of the Year: Steve Clifford Charlotte Bobcats 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 12 Picks

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland
Steelers 20-17 Browns 

Tampa Bay @ Detroit 
Lions 35-27 Buccaneers 

Minnesota @ Green Bay 
Packers 24-14 Vikings 

San Diego @ Kansas City 
Chiefs 20-14 Chargers 

Chicago @ St. Louis 
Rams 24-21 Bears 

Carolina @ Miami 
Panthers 34-27 Dolphins 

New York @ Baltimore 
Jets 17-14 Ravens 

Jacksonville @ Houston 
Texans 41-31 Jaguars 

Tennessee @ Oakland 
Raiders 27-24 Titans 

Indianapolis @ Arizona 
Cardinals 38-34 Colts 

Dallas @ New York 
Giants 31-27 Cowboys 

Denver @ New England 
Patriots 27-17 Broncos 

San Francisco @ Washington 
49ers 42-27 Redskins 


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Top 10 Tight End's in the NFL

1. Jimmy Graham   [New Orleans Saints]
2. Rob Gronkowski [New England Patriots]
3. Jordan Reed [Washington Redskins]
4. Antonio Gates [San Diego Chargers]
5. Julius Thomas [Denver Broncos] | only because of Peyton |
6. Jordan Cameron [Cleveland Browns]
7. Vernon Davis [San Francisco 49ers]
8. Jason Witten [Dallas Cowboys]
9.  Owen Daniels [Houston Texans] | if  healthy |
10. Dennis Pitta [Baltimore Ravens]

Friday, November 22, 2013

Is there anyone on the same level as Ronaldo and Messi?

In the world of soccer, the 2 best players are hands-down Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Lionel Messi of Barcelona. But is there another player that is relatively near either of those 2? Here are three candidates:

1. Neymar Brazilian Forward of Barcelona

Neymar is young and has the potential to be better than Ronaldo and Messi in a couple of years. Although he is not quite on their level yet come back in a year or 2. 

2. Robin Van Persie Holland Forward of Manchester United 

Van Persie was the English Premier League Most Valuable Player [MVP] with Arsenal and when Manchester United gave up millions of dollars to acquire him, I, like so many others, did not believe he was worth the money and that the MVP year was a fluke. However, I was very wrong. Not only is Van Persie wreaking havoc with his own scoring skills, he is also finding excellent assists to fellow Forward Wayne Rooney who just barely missed the cut on this list. But he needs more than a knack for the goal to be in the same class as Ronaldo or Messi.

3. Xavi Hernandez Spanish Midfielder of Barcelona 

Another Barcelona player, Xavi has been the best at what he does: pass the ball and get everyone involved. A winner of a World Cup and two Euro Championship's with Spain, Xavi has seen his skills drop off slightly this year and last. That is why I must say that Xavi is not in the Ronaldo-Messi class.

Did I leave someone out? Or put someone too high? Post your comments!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

NFL Power Rankings Week 11-12

1. Seattle Seahawks 10-1
2. Denver Broncos 9-1
3. New Orleans Saints 8-2
4. Carolina Panthers 7-3
5. Kansas City Chiefs 9-1
6. New England Patriots 7-3
7. Indianapolis Colts 7-3
8. Cincinnati Bengals 7-4
9. Chicago Bears 6-4
10. San Francisco 49ers 6-4
11. Detroit Lions 6-4
12. Arizona Cardinals 6-4
13. Philadelphia Eagles 6-5
14. St. Louis Rams 4-6
15. New York Jets 5-5
16. Green Bay Packers 5-5
17. Dallas Cowboys 5-5
18.  Miami Dolphins 5-5
19. New York Giants 4-6
20. Buffalo Bills 4-7
21. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-6
22. San Diego Chargers 4-6
23. Baltimore Ravens 4-6
24. Tennessee Titans 4-6
25. Oakland Raiders 4-6 
26. Cleveland Browns 4-6 
27. Washington Redskins 3-7
28. Minnesota Vikings 2-8
29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-8
30. Houston Texans 2-8
31. Atlanta Falcons 2-8
32. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-9

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Top 10 Kickers the NFL

1. Justin Tucker [Baltimore Ravens]
2. Matt Prater [Denver Broncos]
3. Nick Folk [New York Jets]
4. Adam Vinateiri [Indianapolis Colts]
5. Steven Hasachuaa [Seattle Seahawks]
6. Mason Crosby [Green Bay Packers]
7. Rob Bironas [Tennessee Titans]
8. Robbie Gould [Chicago Bears]
9. Grahm Gano [Carolina Panthers)
10. David Akers (Detroit Lions)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Top 15 Running Backs in the NFL

1. Adrian Peterson [Minnesota Vikings]
2. JaMal Charles [Kansas City Chiefs]
3. Matt Forte [Chicago Bears]
4. Marshawn Lynch [Seattle Seahawks]
5. C.J. Spiller [Buffalo Bills]
6. Arian Foster [Houston Texans]
7. Frank Gore [San Francisco 49ers]
8. Lesean McCoy [Philadelphia Eagles]
9. Alfred Morris [Washington Redskins]
10. Eddie Lacy [Green Bay Packers]
11. Zac Stacy [St. Louis Rams]
12. Giovani Bernard [Cincinnati Bengals]
13. Stevan Ridley [New England Patriots]
14. Andre Brown [New York Giants]
15. Darren McFadden [Oakland Raiders]

Monday, November 18, 2013

Soccer Head-to-Head: Who is the #1 GK?

Iker Cassillas vs. Gianluigi Buffon

This is an analysis that will decide who the best Goaltender in the world is.


Cassillas has amazing reflexes, but Buffon had the best reflexes of any Goaltender in the world when he was in his prime. But the question is, who's reflexes are better now? Cassillas has a World Cup to his name, but so does Buffon. Cassillas is backed by 4 star defenders in Puyol, Pique, Sergio Ramos, and Capedivilla. Buffon, however, does not have 4 star defenders. This is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close. But, in the end, 

Advantage: Buffon

Field Ability:

Neither player has any known Field Ability.


Cassillas and Buffon are both good at stopping PK's but I've got to give it to Cassillas because of his long stretchability. 

Advantage: Cassillas 


This is very close as positioning is a big part of PK's, however,  Buffon is more experienced and thus earns the win.



Buffon is just as good as any other keeper whereas, Cassillas possesses real talent in this aspect. 

Advantage: Cassillas 

It's close but the the overall winner is:

Overall Winner: Tie 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Top 15 Wide Receivers in the NFL

1. Calvin Johnson [Detroit Lions]
2. A.J. Green [Cincinnati Bengals]
3. DeSean Jackson [Philadelphia Eagles]
4. Demaryius Thomas [Denver Broncos]
5. Jordy Nelson [Green Bay Packers]
6. Wes Welker [Denver Broncos]
7. Dez Bryant [Dallas Cowboys]
8. Andre Johnson [Houston Texans]
9. Roddy White [Atlanta Falcons]
10. Josh Gordon [Cleveland Browns]
11. Pierre Garcon [Washington Redskins]
12. Keenan Allen [San Diego Chargers]
13. Vincent Jackson [Tampa Bay Buccaneers]
14. Victor Cruz [New York Giants]
14.5. Justin Blackmon | if he could stay out of trouble | [Jacksonville Jaguars]
15. Eric Decker [Denver Broncos]

Friday, November 15, 2013

NFL Midseason Report: Predictions

                       Division                          Winners 

                          AFC                                NFC

                              East:                                          East:

                        Patriots 11-5                                Eagles 8-8

                             West:                                          West:

                          Chiefs 13-3                              Seahawks 15-1

                            North:                                       North:

                         Bengals 11-5.                             Lions 12-4 

                            South:                                          South:

                          Colts 12-4                                   Saints 12-4 

                         Wild-Card                                  Wild-Card

                        Broncos 12-4                                49ers 13-3

                           Jets 9-7                                   Panthers 10-6


                                            MVP: Peyton Manning

                           Defensive Player of the Year: Richard Sherman

                            Offensive Player of the Year: Calvin Johnson

                                Defensive Rookie of the Year: Jarvis Jones

                                 Offensive Rookie of the Year: Keenan Allen                                           

                                         Rookie of the Year: Eddie Lacy

                                          Coach of the Year: Andy Reid



                                          Bye: Chiefs, Colts 

                                   Wild Card Round        

                                             Broncos @ Patriots 

                                                Jets @ Bengals

                                        Patriots over Broncos 24-26      

                                           Jets over Bengals 27-24

                                    Divisional Round

                                             Patriots @ Chiefs 

                                                Jets @ Colts

                                          Patriots over Chiefs 28-13

                                            Colts over Jets 21-17

                               Conference Championship

                                                 Patriots @ Colts 

                                            Patriots over Colts 31-27          



                                             Bye: Seahawks, Saints

                                      Wild Card Round            

                                                   49ers @ Eagles 

                                                 Panthers @ Lions

                                              49ers over Eagles 52-34

                                             Panthers over Lions 32-27

                                        Divisional Round

                                                    49ers @ Saints

                                                Panthers @ Seahawks 

                                                Saints over 49ers 44-41

                                           Seahawks over Panthers 34-31

                                  Conference Championship

                                                  Saints @ Seahawks 

                                              Seahawks over Saints 38-31 

                                           Pro  Bowl

                                              NFC over AFC 69-55 

                                           Game MVP: Lesean McCoy

                                        Super Bowl

                                             Patriots vs. Seahawks 

                                        Patriots over Seahawks 37-33

                                           Game MVP: Tom Brady 




Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2013-2014 NBA Playoff Predictions 1.0


1. San Antonio Spurs 
2. Oklahoma City Thunder 
3. Los Angeles Clippers 
4. Golden State Warriors 
5. Houston Rockets 
6. Memphis Grizzlies
7. Dallas Mavericks 
8. Minnesota Timberwolves 


1. Miami Heat 
2. Chicago Bulls
3. Indiana Pacers 
4. Brooklyn Nets 
5. Atlanta Hawkso
6. Detroit Pistons 
7. Washington Wizards 
8. Cleveland Cavaliers 

San Antonio over Minnesota in 7
Miami over Cleveland in 5
Oklahoma City over Dallas in 5
Chicago over Washington in 4
Los Angeles over Memphis in 6
Indiana over Detroit in 5
Golden State over Houston in 6
Brooklyn over Atlanta in 7

Golden State over San Antonio in 6
Miami over Brooklyn in 5
Oklahoma City over Los Angeles in 7
Indiana over Chicago in 7

Oklahoma City over Golden State in 7
Indiana over Miami in 7

Indiana over Oklahoma City in 7

League MVP: Lebron James
Defensive Player of the Year: Roy Hibbert
Rookie of the Year: Michael Carter-Williams 
Coach of the Year: Mike Brown 
Finals MVP: Paul George 

The unwanted midseason NFL awards

Worst QB:

Blaine Gabbert [Jacksonville Jaguars]
The third year Gabbert came into the year as the favorite over Chad Henne for the Jaguars Quarterback job. He went 0-3 before breaking his thumb. Backup Henne took over and went winless also but he nearly pulled a couple wins off. Gabbert then returned and got thrashed by 37-3 one day after Jacksonville's Head Coach expressed his "utmost trust in Blaine's ability" and "he's got a lot of potential." However, after being benched by Henne in the loss, Gabbert lost his job and hasn't started a game since. He's thrown 9 interceptions  and just 1 touchdown.
Runner up:
Josh Freeman [Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Minnesota Vikings]

Biggest Fantasy Bust 

C.J. Spiller [Buffalo Bills]
Although I can't exactly call Spiller a fantasy bust since he's been playing through a high ankle sprain, it doesn't change the fact that he was a 1st or 2nd round pick in most Fantasy leagues. He obviously hasn't played like one. While he may not get the award if he can get back to 100% he has still been the biggest bust thus far this year.
Runner[s] up:
Ray Rice/Trent Richardson

Most Underperforming team

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-8
The Bucs came into year the expected to get AT LEAST 9 wins and contend for a division title. But Tampa Bay has been a disappointment so far and that has been orchestrated by Head Coach Greg Schiano. The team has also lost Back Doug Martin to a season-ending injury. But they were expected to be 5-3 or 4-4 at the midway point, not the measly team that they are. The Bucs showed a glimpse of how good they could be when they went up 21-0 to the NFC-best Seahawks. They ended up taking the Hawks to overtime before falling 27-24 in overtime. 
Runner Up:
Pittsburgh Steelers

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NFL Midseason Report: NFC North

Detroit Lions 6-3

With Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers likely to miss multiple weeks with a collarbone injury, the Lions are now the preliminary favorites in this strong division. Led by Franchise Quarterback Matthew Statfford Detroit has an offensive big three: Stafford, Reggie Bush, and Calvin Johnson. Put together with star Defensive Lineman Ndt Suh the Lions just may have what it takes to take the NFC North.


Stafford is a QB1, Bush is a RB1/2, and Johnson is a superstar WR1.

Green Bay Packers 5-4

The Green Bay Packers were my preseason pick to win the Division. I predicted they would go all the to the NFC Championship Game. On Monday Afternoon I still believed in my predictions. Now, 3 days after a 27-20 loss to the  Division-Rival Bears I'm not so sure. Green Bay lost Star Quarterback Aaron Rodgers to a broken collarbone. They have already lost Tight End Jeremichael Finley and Receiver Randall Cobb for the season. Receiver James Jones and star Linebacker Clay Matthews are also out indefinitely. Backup Quarterback Scott Tolzien must hold his own for the Packers to stay in Division-Title contention until Rodgers comes back.


Running Back Eddie Lacy is a RB1. Hold onto Rodgers, and pickup James Jones to start when he is fully healthy.

Chicago Bears 5-4

The Bears were my pick to get 2nd in the Division and earn themselves a Wild Card spot. But then Quarterback Jay Cutler went down and it looked like the Bears season was over. But led by backup Quarterback Josh Mccown the Chicago beat the Division rival Packers and are now right with the Lions and the Packers in the race for the NFC North title. Who will win the Division? I say wait and see when Rodgers and Cutler come back.


Cutler is a strong QB2 when he comes back, Running Back Matt Forte is an every-week RB1, and Receiver Brandon Marshall is a WR1/2.

Minnesota Vikings 2-7

After a strong year last year in which Minnesota went 10-6 and made the playoffs. This year's failure
is largely in debt to arguably the greatest running back of all-time, Adrian Peterson. His numbers have dropped by 1.5 yards per carry and 43.8 yards per game. AP doesn't deserve all the blame, however, the Quarterback situation has been an issue, Third-Year Quarterback Christian Ponder struggled early on leading Head Coach Leslie Frazier to go with backup Matt Cassel, when Cassel produced just 1 win in 3 starts, Frazier signed Buccaneers castoff Josh Freeman. But Freeman struggled going just 20 of 53 in a 23-7 loss to the Giants. Frazier then went with Ponder once again,
who went  1-1 and gave Vikings fans some hope, but then the news broke: Ponder had sustained an injury and would miss time. So now Frazier wil have to decide whether to go with the washed-up Cassel, or the fading Freeman.


Peterson is a RB1.

Monday, November 11, 2013

NFL Midseason Report: AFC East

New England Patriots 7-2

Although the Pats stand at 7-2 at the midway point they feel more like 5-4 or 6-4. They have had their ups [30-27 win over New Orleans] and their downs [13-6 loss to Cincinnati]. But the Patriots have been largely underusing star back Steven Ridley who has been splitting carries with the average-at-best Legarrette Blount. Now that Ridley's talent has been revealed, and star Receiver Danny Amendola is healthy, the Patriots are a lock for the playoffs and possess the overall teamness to make a deep postseason run.


Tom Brady is a QB1/2, Ridley is a RB2/3, and Amendola is a WR1/2 if healthy. 

New York Jets 5-4

New York is the prototype inconsistent team. With losses to Pittsburgh and Tennessee, they also got thrashed by Cincinnati 49-9. Yet they also have wins over New England New Orleans. Why so inconsistent? Two Words: Geno Smith. Smith is their rookie Quarterback and has had spectacular 3 touchdown 300 yard games, and below-mediocre 3 interception less than 100 yards games. The Jets can beat the Broncos on any given day, yet on that same day they can lose to the Jaguars. A playoff berth will depend on whether or not Geno can keep up some kind of consistency.


Geno Smith can be a QB1, but don't trust as him anything more than a high-risk high-reward QB2.

Miami Dophins 4-4

The Dolphins have pulled off wins over the Colts and the Bengals yet they've also lost to some lesser teams. They have just 2-4 since a promising 2-0 start. But Running Back Lamar Miller is finally getting the touches he deserves and Brian Hartline has become Franchise Quarterback Ryan Tannehill's go-to-receiver, ahead of former Pro-Bowler Mike Wallace. To make a playoff push Tannehill will need to get something out of Wallace.


Miller is a RB2 and Hartline is a WR4. Tight End Charles Clay is a TE2 but also a weak TE1.

Buffalo Bills 3-7

When a team is 3-6 and just started their third-string Quarterback they are usually out of the Playoff picture. Yet Buffalo started Third-Stringer Jeff Tuel because starter E.J. Manuel and backup Thad Lewis were hurt. Superstar Running Back C.J. Spiller has finally recovered from an ankle injury that has hampered him all year. He will likely split carries with above-average Fred Jackson. With Manuel having returned this week the Bills now face one of the easiest remaining schedules over the second half of the season. Buffalo will likely make a playoff push but most likely miss out this year. However, I expect them to make the year.


Spiller is a RB1 and Jackson is a RB2/3.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

NFL Midseason Report: Is the NFC East the weakest Division in NFL history? [NFC East]

NFL Midseason Report: NFC East

To start the Midseason report on this historically weak division, let me say this: the 4 teams are a combined 14-21  with a combined 8-15 record against out of division opponents. The Giants, Redskins, and Eagles are all below .500. The Cowboys are the only team above .500, and they struggled against the 2-7 Vikings and narrowly blew a 4th quarter lead to the twice-benched Christian Ponder and the Vikes. The Giants lost 38-0 to the Panthers and the Redskins lost 45-21 to the Broncos. The Eagles lost 52-20 to Denver as well. The Giants are 2-6  and yet they're still just 2.5 games back in the division. 
Time for a breakdown of the 5 Quarterbacks to start a game in the NFC East this year. The catch? The players labeled are  Player A, B, C, and so on. Then, you GUESS which player is which letter. And there's a mystery player...

Player A 205of337 60.8% 2450pyds 12tds 9int 7.3 ypa 56  83.8 rating 46.07 272.7 pypg 

Player B 171 of  307 55.7% 2167pyds 10tds 15int 7.1 ypa 68.4 rate 40.27 QBR 270.9 pypg

Player C 77 of 141  54.6% 1215pyds 5td 3int 
8.6 ypa 202.5 pypg 86.5 rate 58.75 QBR 

Player D 229 of 346  66.2% 2553pyds 20td 6int 7.4 ypa 283.7 pypg  100.0 rate 62.2 QBR 

Player E 126 of 271 46.5% 1729 pyds 12 td 6 int 6.4 ypa 123.5 ypg 72.9 rate 29.91 QBR 

Player F 74 of 118  62.7% 1028pyds 13 td 0int 8.7 ypa 171.3 ypg 127.4 rate 75.66 QBR

Alright, now think about it...think...think...keep thinking...
Ok, here are the players by letter.

Player A>Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins 

Player B>Eli Manning New York Giants 

Player C>Michael Vick Philadelphia Eagles 

Player D>Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys 

Player E>Tim Tebow Denver Broncos [2011]

Player F>Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles

The Redskins' RG3 may seem like he has good numbers but here are last year's numbers for him:
258 of 393 3200 pyds 20 td 5 int 8.1 ypa 213.3 pypg 102.4 rate 71.41 QBR 
He's down 4.8% on pass completion percentage, 0.8% on yards per attempt, and has just a 83.8 Quarterback rating compared to last years 102.4. His rush yards per game are also down from 54.3 last year to 33.4 this year. But who will win this squandering division? 
Here's what I think:

1. Philadelphia Eagles 8-8

 Nick Foles will  pilot the Eagles to a division win but a beatdown by San Francisco is almost assured.

2. New York Giants 7-9

I believe that my beloved Giants can win 5 of their last 8 and contend for the division title but with starting running back David Wilson likely done for the season the G-Men will likely sink to 2nd and miss out on the playoffs for the second straight year.

3. Dallas Cowboys 6-10

Tony Romo will do what he does best over the second half of the season: Lose close games. Romo and the Cowboys are 0-3 in games decided by 3 or less points and with games against Chicago, New Orleans, and Green Bay left on the schedule Dallas will likely miss out on the playoffs once again.

4. Washington Redskins 5-11 

I will likely get a lot of mad reactions from Redskins fans on what I am about to say, but sadly it is the truth: It's Time To Take A Serious Look at Kerry Cousins. A standout college footballer Cousins was drafted in the 6th round of the 2011 draft, although he is not very experienced, he is a raw talent that could be developed into a potential Franchise Quarterback. Because, seriously, how many sports fans or Redskins fans think RG3 will be in the league and still a factor in 5-7 years?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Are the Pacers the best team in the NBA?

The Indiana Pacers are 6-0 and the only undefeated team left in the NBA. They have already dismantled the Bulls 97-80 which they did without Super-sub Danny Granger and starting Point Guard George Hill.

 Indiana is led by rising superstar Paul George who could be the Heat Superstar Lebron James's biggest competition in the MVP Race. George also has help from veteran David West and Center Roy Hibbert who has 25+ blocks through the first 6 games. 

George is averaging 25.3 points per game and Granger was averaging 17.7 before going down with a calf injury in the Preseason. With or without Granger, the Pacers are legitimate title contenders. 

They play the Nets tonight in Brooklyn which should be a big early season test to see if Indiana can keep up their focus. Will they walk away as the only 7-0 team in the NBA? It depends on whether or not Paul George can keep playing the way he's been playing. But to beat the Heat in the playoffs Indiana will need a huge team effort. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Top 11 QB's in the NFL

4. Tom Brady
Though Brady has had some struggles this year, he has still been pretty solid. A first-ballot Hall-of-Famer, Brady and the Patriots have never been so uninteresting. There's just not that much to talk about. There  are no headlines for New England. But just because they're not talked about, doesn't mean they're not any good. It looks like Brady is forcing passes and receivers are dropping passes they usually catch. Despite all this, Brady is still the No.4 QB in the NFL.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NFL Midseason Report: AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals 6-3

With the Ravens trading away their core group of players to sign Joe Flacco to a huge contract this offseason, it opened the door for the Bengals to step in and take control of this now weak division. Third year Quarterback Andy Dalton is finally finding his rhythm, and the Bengals have two promising young backs in Benjarvus Green-Ellis and rookie Giovani Bernard. They also have a much-improved top 10 Defense and a Superstar target for Dalton in receiver A.J. Green. All this adds up to the Bengals first division win in the Andy Dalton era. But losing Superstar D-Tackle Geno Atkins to injury hurts their Super Bowl chances.


Dalton is a QB2, the D is a DEF1, Bernard is a RB2 and Green is a WR1.

Baltimore Ravens: 3-5

Coming off a Super Bowl win, Superstar Linebacker Ray Lewis retired. Baltimore then traded stars Ed Reed and Anquan Boldin, to clear cap space to sign Franchise Quarterback Joe Flacco to a 6 year deal worth $120.6 million. Flacco, however, has struggled this year and the Ravens are on a 3 game-losing streak. The defending Super Bowl champions are unlikely to make the playoffs at this rate, especially if Halfback Ray Rice continues to struggle.

Cleveland Browns: 4-5

Coming off a narrow defeat to the Chiefs in week 8, the Browns responded with a 23-18 statement win over defending Super Bowl champion Ravens. Led by third-string Quarterback Jason Campbell the Browns are now very much in the Playoff race. Although they likely won't make the Playoffs this year, I expect them to next year.

Pittsburgh Steelers 2-6

Pittsburgh has been a disappointment this year, led by returning stars Ben Roethlisberger and Troy Polomalu the Steelers have just 2 wins so far this year and are likely to finish last in this weak division. If they really make a big push they can get 7 wins but it's more likely they finish with 5 or less wins. It's time to clean house in Pittsburgh. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Top 11 QB's in the NFL

5. Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan  is the Falcons franchise player. With Receiver Roddy White and Linebacker Sean Witherspoon missing games the Falcons also lost star receiver Julio Jones for the seasons. That means the 2-6 Falcons have been relying  on Ryan more than ever now. Ryan has lots of talent, but he needs to work on late game ball-management. Also he needs to be more of a team leader. If he does these things, he can be a consistent Top 3 QB. But Falcons don't have enough going to challenge for a playoff spot or play like last year's 13-3 team. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

NFL Midseason Report: AFC SOUTH

Indianapolis Colts 6-2   

The Colts came off a 19-9 loss to lowly San Diego with a 39-33 win over Denver. Trent Richardson, Coby Fleener, T.Y. Hilton, Andrew Luck, Donald Brown, and Darrius Heyward-Bey have all been inconsistent. If they can keep up some kind of consistency, they are real Super-Bowl contenders, with or without star receiver Reggie Wayne.


Hilton is a WR2/3 with Wayne out. Fleener is a TE2, and Luck is a shaky QB1.

Houston Texans 2-6

The Texans are in all-out panic mode. On a 6 game losing-streak, star Running Back Arian Foster is also out indefinitely. Houston has much more talent than they are showing, however, it may already be too late for them.


Foster is out, star Andre Johnson is a WR2, and Garrett Grahm is a weak TE2.

Tennessee Titans 4-4

The Titans have exceeded expectations this year, third-year Quarterback Jake Locker has been very promising and a much improved Defense has helped them win three of their first seven games. Although the playoffs are a long shot, Locker looks like a solid franchise Quarterback for years to come.


Halfback Chris Johnson is a RB2, receiver Kendall Wright is a WR4, and Locker is a below-average QB2.

Jacksonville Jaguars 0-8

The Jags have been a disappointment this season, with starting Quarterback Blaine Gabbert and Halfback Maurice Jones-Drew injury-prone, the Jags have relied on NFL-fringe Quarterback Chad Henne to lead the offense this season. The defense has also been a disappointment.


Henne is a desperate QB2, Jones-Drew is a RB2 and receivers Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon are WR2's.

Friday, November 1, 2013

NFL Midseason Report: NFC SOUTH

New Orleans Saints 6-1

The Saints are one of the best offenses in the NFL, led by QB Drew Brees, and TE Jimmy Grahm [8 TD's] . The Saints lone loss came to New England on the road. Look for them to ease their way into the playoffs in this weak division. But to win their first Super Bowl since 2010, New Orleans will need to have some kind of running game.


Brees is a QB1, and Grahm is a TE1. Receiver Marques Colston is a WR2.

Atlanta Falcons 2-5

Atlanta has been been hampered by injuries this year. With star Wide Receiver Julio Jones and Linebacker Sean Witherspoon both done for the year, stars Roddy White and Steven Jackson have also sustained injuries that have greatly limited them, and will continue to limit them this year. Coming off an NFL-Best 13-3 record and an NFC Championship Game appearance, the Falcons looked poised for another deep playoff run, especially after adding Jackson, who was a star with the Rams. But Atlanta is not playing well, and when Harry Douglas is your top wideout, that is not a good sign. The only healthy playmaker, Tight End Tony Gonzalez, is drawing consistent double-teams from defenses.


Star Playcaller Matt Ryan is a QB1, and Douglas is a WR3/4.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-7

Tampa Bay is the second-worst team in the NFL[the worst is Jacksonville]. Head Coach Greg Schiano cannot win in the NFL and is underusing Superstar Cornerback Darrelle Revis. The Bucs lost star Halfback Doug Martin to injury earlier this year, and cut Franchise Quarterback Josh Freeman because of a disagreement, and now has Rookie Third-Rounder  Mike Glennon as their starting Quarterback.


Glennon is a weak QB2.

Carolina Panthers: 4-3

Carolina has been surprisingly good this year. With just a 13-19 record the past two years, 9 wins is a real possibility for Star Quarterback Cam Newton and the Panthers. But to make the playoffs Newton must take his game to the next level.  


Newton is a QB1/2, and Halfback DeAngelo Williams is a RB3.