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NFL Midseason Report: Is the NFC East the weakest Division in NFL history? [NFC East]

NFL Midseason Report: NFC East

To start the Midseason report on this historically weak division, let me say this: the 4 teams are a combined 14-21  with a combined 8-15 record against out of division opponents. The Giants, Redskins, and Eagles are all below .500. The Cowboys are the only team above .500, and they struggled against the 2-7 Vikings and narrowly blew a 4th quarter lead to the twice-benched Christian Ponder and the Vikes. The Giants lost 38-0 to the Panthers and the Redskins lost 45-21 to the Broncos. The Eagles lost 52-20 to Denver as well. The Giants are 2-6  and yet they're still just 2.5 games back in the division. 
Time for a breakdown of the 5 Quarterbacks to start a game in the NFC East this year. The catch? The players labeled are  Player A, B, C, and so on. Then, you GUESS which player is which letter. And there's a mystery player...

Player A 205of337 60.8% 2450pyds 12tds 9int 7.3 ypa 56  83.8 rating 46.07 272.7 pypg 

Player B 171 of  307 55.7% 2167pyds 10tds 15int 7.1 ypa 68.4 rate 40.27 QBR 270.9 pypg

Player C 77 of 141  54.6% 1215pyds 5td 3int 
8.6 ypa 202.5 pypg 86.5 rate 58.75 QBR 

Player D 229 of 346  66.2% 2553pyds 20td 6int 7.4 ypa 283.7 pypg  100.0 rate 62.2 QBR 

Player E 126 of 271 46.5% 1729 pyds 12 td 6 int 6.4 ypa 123.5 ypg 72.9 rate 29.91 QBR 

Player F 74 of 118  62.7% 1028pyds 13 td 0int 8.7 ypa 171.3 ypg 127.4 rate 75.66 QBR

Alright, now think about it...think...think...keep thinking...
Ok, here are the players by letter.

Player A>Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins 

Player B>Eli Manning New York Giants 

Player C>Michael Vick Philadelphia Eagles 

Player D>Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys 

Player E>Tim Tebow Denver Broncos [2011]

Player F>Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles

The Redskins' RG3 may seem like he has good numbers but here are last year's numbers for him:
258 of 393 3200 pyds 20 td 5 int 8.1 ypa 213.3 pypg 102.4 rate 71.41 QBR 
He's down 4.8% on pass completion percentage, 0.8% on yards per attempt, and has just a 83.8 Quarterback rating compared to last years 102.4. His rush yards per game are also down from 54.3 last year to 33.4 this year. But who will win this squandering division? 
Here's what I think:

1. Philadelphia Eagles 8-8

 Nick Foles will  pilot the Eagles to a division win but a beatdown by San Francisco is almost assured.

2. New York Giants 7-9

I believe that my beloved Giants can win 5 of their last 8 and contend for the division title but with starting running back David Wilson likely done for the season the G-Men will likely sink to 2nd and miss out on the playoffs for the second straight year.

3. Dallas Cowboys 6-10

Tony Romo will do what he does best over the second half of the season: Lose close games. Romo and the Cowboys are 0-3 in games decided by 3 or less points and with games against Chicago, New Orleans, and Green Bay left on the schedule Dallas will likely miss out on the playoffs once again.

4. Washington Redskins 5-11 

I will likely get a lot of mad reactions from Redskins fans on what I am about to say, but sadly it is the truth: It's Time To Take A Serious Look at Kerry Cousins. A standout college footballer Cousins was drafted in the 6th round of the 2011 draft, although he is not very experienced, he is a raw talent that could be developed into a potential Franchise Quarterback. Because, seriously, how many sports fans or Redskins fans think RG3 will be in the league and still a factor in 5-7 years?

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