Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NFL Midseason Report: NFC WEST

Seattle Seahawks 7-1

Seattle is loaded. Led by promising young Quarterback Russell Wilson, and Superstar Halfback Marshawn Lynch, their top 5 D is led by Cornerback Richard Sherman. The only weak spot in the Hawks' game is receiving. Golden Tate is a weak top-target, and Percy Harvin is very injury-prone. Despite that, I still expect Seattle to finish 1st in the NFC West.


Russell Wilson is a weak QB 1. Whereas, Marshawn Lynch is a superb RB1, Golden Tate is just a WR5, and the Defense is a top-notch starter.

San Francisco 49ers 6-2

With Sophmore QB Colin Kaepernick struggling, Halfback Frank Gore has taken a big step up to become an elite back. The Defense is having troubles, and with receivers Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham unlikely to return for a number of weeks, San Francisco has turned to Tight End Vernon Davis and and newly-aquired receiver Anquan Boldin this year. San Francisco will achieve the playoffs as a Wild-Card, but to make some noise they will need Kaepernick to step up his game.


Gore is a RB1, Boldin is a WR3, Davis is TE1, and the Defense is a DEF1 on most weeks. Kaepernick is a QB2.

Arizona Cardinals: 4-4

Arizona came into the season with high-hopes. With a new Quarterback and Head Coach, to go with a much improved defensive unit, they also managed to persuade superstar receiver Larry Fitzgerald to stick around for another year. The Defense has been solid, but Fitzgerald has an injured hamstring, and Palmer is struggling. And Running Back Rashard Mendenhall is way            below-average. The Cards could get third in the division, but that's the best they can do.


Fitzgerald is a WR3, Mendanhall and Palmer don't deserve roster-spots, and the Defense is a DEF1/2.

St. Louis Rams 3-5

Coming into the season I really believed the Rams could make some noise in the Division. Even though they lost superstar halfback Steven Jackson to the Falcons, they still had promising back Daryl Richardson, and with Quarterback Sam Bradford entering his third season in the NFL, St. Louis looked pretty good. They also drafted star college footballer Tavvon Austin. Austin, Richardson, and Bradford have all been a disappointment thus far. In a  loss to the Carolina Panthers Bradford tore his ACL which all but ended the Rams hope of winning. They will likely go with backup Kellen Klemens  for the starting Quarterback job, at least, for the time being.


The Rams do not have a single player that deserves a fantasy football roster spot.

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