Monday, July 14, 2014

Paul George talks about what he can improve on next year

Indiana Pacers Forward Paul George has said recently that he will play more physically next year, and take more contact. He also said he would be working on his post moves to potentially compliment 7"2 Center Roy Hibbert. This would help the Pacers' offense significantly as Hibbert was the only menacing threat in the paint last season, save for an aging veteran in David West, who usually resorts to a midrange pick-and-pop shot instead of getting dirty in the post. What George is doing sounds a lot like what superstar Lebron James did after leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010. He redefined his game so that he not only was a decent jump shooter and great at getting to the rim, but he put on weight and developed more of a post game. And after doing so, what happened? That's right. He won two championships. Do it, PG. Work on that post game. And if George does succeed, he'll have the physicality to no longer let James push him around, a big weakness in Indiana's defense last year. 

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