Sunday, March 30, 2014

The game is on!

In the NBA, the game is on! Although the game has been on for a while between the Indiana Pacers and rival Miami Heat, with the Heat signing Greg Oden and Michael Beasley, and the Pacers countering by acquiring Andrew Bynum. Then the Heat traded for Toney Douglas and the Pacers traded for Evan Turner (though this is not to compare the two players.) But after Wednesday night's loss to Indiana to drop then back 3 games with 12 to go, Miami realized that the Pacers could potentially have what it takes to finally BEAT THE HEAT. The Pacers managed to hang on to the victory by the slimmest if margins, that is, a Chris Bosh missed three-point shot as time expired. Although he struggled for most of the game scoring just 13 points points and shooting just 3 of 11 from the field, Indiana's David West hit a 3-pointer with just seconds left to give the Pacers an 84-83 lead they wouldn't lose. He later called it "the biggest 3-pointer of his career." Although James tried to pretend it didn't matter saying "it meant nothing," the Heat definitely wanted it badly as injury-prone semi-star Dwayne Wade played through a knee injury that had been acting up all season. He later strained his hamstring and had to leave the game, opening up the question whether he could get through a full playoff-series that would likely go to 7 games against Indy. But the race for the East's highly-coveted #1 seed is hardly over. Two nights after the win Indiana fell to the Wizards in Washington and Miami beat the Pistons. The Heat then continued their winning ways by beating the NBA-worst Bucks in Milwaukee last night. The Pacers are now just 1.5 games ahead in the race for the #1 seed, and a loss tonight to the Cavaliers in Cleveland would give them just a slim 1 game lead with next weeks contest in Miami, where "superstar" calls should be heavily involved, being the deciding factor on each team's seeding. In 6 the meetings between the teams (including the playoffs) in Miami, the Pacers have won just once. Making today's game in Cleveland a must-win for Chris Copeland and the Pacers. 
Just three more thoughts: 
1. To whining Heat fans
Whining, bandwagon Heat fans might claim that the ONLY reason Miami lost was because Grandpa Ray Allen was out with injury. Well, news flash: the Pacers were missing their best bench player, 6th man and orchestrator of the bench offense C.J. Watson with a hamstring injury. Both teams were missing key players. So don't hit me with this Grandpa Allen would've been the difference-maker stuff. 
2. Good news Pacers fans 
Although tonight's game in Cleveland looks like a prototypical trap-game for Indiana, Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving will be sidelined due to injury. 
3. NBA 2k14 is unrealistic 
One thing that 2k sports prides itself on is making its games realistic. Well, the other day I was being the Pacers vs. the Celtics and Paul George was guarding Gerald Wallace. Wallace chucked a contested 3-pointer against PG and...made it! I considered taking the game back because of how unrealistic it was. I mean, c'mon, Gerald Wallace a 3 on the best defender in today's game!!!

A note to Pacers fans:
When the Pacers and Heat play each other, it's Pacers vs. Heat NOT Heat vs. Pacers. BEAT THE HEAT

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