Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 World Cup Predictions

 Win= 3 points 
Tie= 1 point 
Loss= 0 points 

Group Stage

Group A:
1. Brazil 7 pts 
2. Mexico 4 pts 
3. Cameroon 3 pts 
4. Croatia 1pt 
This is a relatively weak group with the only serious threat to win the Cup in the group being Brazil. Cameroon or Mexico could sneak up on teams though. Croatia will finish in Group A's cellar.

Group B: 
1. Spain 7pts
2. Chile 5pts 
3. Australia 1pt
4. Netherlands 1pt 
Defending Champion Spain and Defending 2nd place Netherlands are in this group but I'd look for Chile as a dark-horse. Australia will likely not make it out of the group. 

Group C:
1. Columbia 5pts 
2. Japan 4pts 
3. Ivory Coast 4pts 
4. Greece 1pt 
Japan is expected to get out of the group while Columbia is a much better squad than people give them credit for. Ivory Coast and Greece will struggle against the two top-teams. 

Group D: 
1. Italy 6pts 
2. England 5pts
3. Uruguay 2pts 
4. Costa Rica 2pts 
This is a rather strong group with defending 4th place Uruguay and powerhouses Italy and England. Poor Costa Rica stands next to no chance of advancing. 

Group E: 
1. Switzerland 5pts 
2. Ecuador 4pts 
3. Honduras 2pts
4. France 2pts 
This group is one of the best in the cup as Honduras and Switzerland could contend for a cup, and Ecuador is a dark-horse, while France is a proven powerhouse. 

Group F: 
1. Argentina 9pts 
2. Nigeria 4pts 
3. Bosnia-Herzegovina 
4. Iran 1pt
This is a weak group with a lock in Argentina and not much else.

Group G:
1. Ghana 6pts 
2. Germany 5pts 
3. United States 2pts 
4. Portugal 2pts 
This is easily the strongest group with all 4 teams set to be contenders to bring home the cup but only 2 can advance. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. 

Group H:
1. Belgium 5pts 
2. South Korea 5pts 
3. Algeria 2pts 
4. Russia 1pt 
This is a weak group, however, Belgium is a major dark-horse.
Advancers: Algeria, Belgium 

Round of 16

Brazil 2-1 Chile

Columbia 2-0 England 

Switzerland 2-0 Nigeria 

Ghana 2-2 South Korea (Ghana 4-3 on PK's) 

Spain 0-1 Mexico 

Italy 2-1 Japan 

Argentina 2-3 Ecuador 

Belgium 3-1 Germany 

Quarter finals 

Brazil 2-0 Columbia 

Switzerland 0-1 Ghana

Italy 3-0 Mexico 

Ecuador 0-1 Belgium 

Brazil 1-1 Ghana (Ghana 4-2 on PK's)

Italy 0 Belgium 1 

Ghana 1-2 Belgium 

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