Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NBA Power Rankings #6/Playoff Picture

Power Rankings 
1. Indiana Pacers 30-7
With 6th man Danny Granger returning to form, Indiana is the best it's been since Reggie Miler.
Last Ranking: 1
2. Miami Heat 27-10
This is definitely not the best Heat team of the Big 3 era, but whether they're still good enough to beat Indiana and the Champion of the West will depend greatly on Shooting Guard Dwayne Wade's health. 
Last Ranking: 2
3. San Antonio Spurs 30-8
The Spurs are angry and with their level of experience it's not a long shot to envision them winning their fifth NBA title of Gregg Poppovich's tenure. 
Last Ranking: 4
4. Portland Trailblazers 28-9
Portland has one of the most efficient teams in the NBA: they simply don't take many bad shots.
Last Ranking: 5
5. Golden State Warriors 25-14 
Golden State is red-hot and Stephen Curry-Klay Thomson is the second best backcourt duo in the NBA (first is LAC's Chris Paul-J.J. Reddick.)
Last Ranking: 6
6. Oklahoma City Thunder 28-10
The Thunder are slumping without All-Star Point Guard Russell Westbrook despite Small Forward Kevin Durant's 32.8 Points per game since Westbrook went down. This team desperately needs it's Point Guard back.
Last Ranking: 3 
7. Los Angeles Clippers 26-13
As if losing J.J. Reddick for 7 weeks earlier this year wasn't bad enough, the Clips are struggling without Star Point Guard Chris Paul who will be sidelined for at least 5 more weeks. 
Last Ranking: 8
8. Houston Rockets 25-14
The Rockets are the #5 seed in the West currently but they have to prove that they can stay with and beat the West's best, something they haven't shown us throughout the season's first half.
Last Ranking: 7
9. Toronto Raptors 19-17
The Raptors have the best record of anyone in the East since trading ball-hog Rudy Gay. The East's #3 seed is within range for Point Guard Kyle Lowry and Toronto. 
Last Ranking: 10
10. Memphis Grizzlies 18-19
The Grizzlies move up into the top 10 after an injury to Phoenix Suns Point Guard Eric Bledsoe. Memphis also got 2012-13 Defensive Player of the Year Marc Gasol back after he missed the past 8 weeks with a knee injury. 
Last Ranking: 16
11. Dallas Mavericks 23-16
Last Ranking: 11
12. Atlanta Hawks 20-18
Last Ranking: 14
13. Minnesota Timberwolves 18-19
Last Ranking: 12
14. Phoenix Suns 21-16
Last Ranking: 9
15. Denver Nuggets 19-18
Last Ranking: 13 
16. Washington Wizards 17-19
Last Ranking: 17
17. Chicago Bulls 17-19
Last Ranking: 20
18. Detroit Pistons 16-22
Last Ranking: 19
19. Brooklyn Nets 15-22
Last Ranking: 21
20. Charlotte Bobcats 15-23 
Last Ranking: 18
21. New York Knicks 15-23
Last Ranking: 22
22. New Orleans Pelicans 15-22
Last Ranking: 15 
23. Cleveland Cavaliers 14-24
Last Ranking: 20 
24. Boston Celtics 13-26
Last Ranking: 23
25. Sacramento Kings 13-23 
Last Ranking: 28
26. Utah Jazz 13-26
Last Ranking: 27
27. Los Angeles Lakers 14-24
Last Ranking: 24
28. Philadelphia 76ers 12-25
Last Ranking: 25
29. Orlando Magic 10-28
Last Ranking: 29
30. Milwaukee Bucks 7-30
Last Ranking: 30 

Playoff Picture 
1. Miami Heat 
2. Indiana Pacers 
3. Toronto Raptors 
4. Atlanta Hawks 
5. Washington Wizards 
6. New York Knicks 
7. Chicago Bulls
8. Brooklyn Nets 

Miami over Brooklyn 4-1
Indiana over Chicago 4-1
Toronto over New York 4-3 
Washington over Atlanta 4-2

Miami over Washington 4-2
Indiana over Toronto 4-2

Indiana over Miami 4-3 

1. San Antonio Spurs 
2. Oklahoma City Thunder 
3. Los Angeles Clippers 
4. Portland Trailblazers 
5. Houston Rockets 
6. Golden State Warriors 
7. Memphis Grizzlies 
8. Dallas Mavericks 

San Antonio over Dallas 4-0
Oklahoma City over Memphis 4-2 
Los Angeles over Golden State 4-3
Portland over Houston 4-2

San Antonio over Portland 4-1 
Oklahoma City over Los Angeles 4-2

Oklahoma City over San Antonio 4-2

Indiana over Oklahoma City 4-3
Finals MVP: Indiana Pacers SG Lance Stephenson 

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