Saturday, January 11, 2014

How good can Andrew Luck be?

Andrew Luck has the potential to be an All-Time great.

Andrew Luck is already a Top-10 NFL Quarterback in the NFL and he is in just his second year in the NFL. 

He has lost top-targets Reggie Wayne and Dwayne Allen, and has one of the worst running games in the NFL in the form of Donald Brown and Trent Richardson. 

He has already met all expectations and has the potential to be a Top-5 Quarterback All-Time. Luck has already shown the ability to perform a late-game comeback, but his best feature: he's one of the most clutch Quarterbacks in the NFL, something his predecessor Peyton Manning never was. 

Luck can throw a sweet spiral and can throw it into the end zone from midfield. He has the speed of a power running back and the size of a fullback.

 He can not only beat you with his legs, he knows when to let the pigskin fly, and when to keep it himself. His two flaws are these:

1. He can't consistently deliver on his deep-ball
This was also a weak point in Manning's game, and it can be a fatal one at times. Such as third-and-long with his team needing a first down Luck will overthrow the receiver by a mile [or at least, it seems like a mile,] he needs to be able to refrain himself from using all his arm strength on a throw that requires using less than his maximum arm strength.

2. He can come out flat 
Luck also has been known to struggle in the 1st half of games and the Colts have a tendency to fall behind early in games. While part of this can be accounted to their weak defense, and mediocre running game. However, Luck doesn't help. His greatness is defined in the SECOND HALF, or more specifically, the 4th Quarter. 
While I expect the Colts to lose to the Patriots in the Divisional Round, with core players Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Allen, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Vick Ballard returning next year, they will be legitimate Super Bowl contenders. But to really be considered on the same level as Manning, Luck will need multiple MVP awards and Super Bowl rings.

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