Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NBA Power Rankings #5

Paul George and the Pacers are #1 in the latest Power Rankings

1. Indiana Pacers 27-6
The Pacers have the best defense in the NBA and is the obvious choice for no. 1 in the first Power Rankings edition of 2014. The immediate question for Indy is Point Guard George Hill's shaky ball-handling. 
Last Ranking: 1
2. Miami Heat 26-8
Lebron James has shown why he is the clear favorite for MVP thus far and has notched Miami into a top-two spot in the Power Rankings. But his supporting cast must step up of they want to three-peat. 
Last Ranking: 3
3. Oklahoma City Thunder 27-7
Kevin Durant is largely unappreciated because of the fact that he is second-best to Lebron James however, that doesn't change how great he is. Reggie Jackson is good, but he is more suited for a backup role. 
Last Ranking: 2
4. San Antonio Spurs 26-8
San Antonio has every chance to make another run to the NBA Finals but the question is whether or not their aging core can keep it up during the Playoffs.
Last Ranking: 4
5. Portland Trailblazers 26-8 
Trailblazers fans may not agree with this statement but I don't feel like Portland has the pieces to put it together and go all the way, at least, not THIS year. 
Last Ranking: 5
6. Golden State Warriors 23-13
The Warriors, are on a hot streak right with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson both on shooting streaks.
Last Ranking: 8
7. Houston Rockets 22-13
The Rockets, as of right now, lack the consistency to make a run at an NBA Championship. This is something Head Coach Kevin McHale must look into. That, and the teams mediocre at best defense. 
Last Ranking: 7
8. Los Angeles Clippers 24-13 
Losing J.J. Redick for 6 weeks hurt. Losing Chris Paul for 6 weeks is a dagger. The Clips could fall as far as the no. 7 in the crowded West Playoff picture. It also greatly hurts their chances of hosting a First Round Playoff Series with the Warriors, Rockets, and Suns all right on their tail.
Last Ranking: 6
9. Phoenix Suns 20-12
Speaking of the Suns, who expected this? A high-flying offense with a backcourt duo of Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic. If you're saying that you did expect that then stop lying. 
Last Ranking: 9
10. Toronto Raptors 16-16 
The Raptors have been the third-best team in the East since trading ball-hog Rudy Gay who was shooting a horrid 38.3 percent from the field. This has opened up the lane for big man Jonas Valucinnes (or however you spell his last name.) 
Last Ranking: 11
11. Dallas Mavericks 19-15
Last Ranking: 10
12. Minnesota Timberwolves 17-17
Last Ranking: 12
13. Denver Nuggets 16-17
Last Ranking: 15
14. Atlanta Hawks 18-17
Last Ranking: 14
15. New Orleans Pelicans 15-17
Last Ranking: 13
16. Memphis Grizzlies 15-18
Last Ranking: 17
17. Washington Wizards 14-17 
Last Ranking: 16
18. Charlotte Bobcats 15-20
Last Ranking: 20
19. Detroit Pistons 14-20
Last Ranking: 18 
20. Chicago Bulls 14-18 
The Chicago Bulls have traded Small Forward Luol Deng to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Center Andrew Bynum and several draft picks.
Last Ranking: 22
21. Brooklyn Nets 13-21 
Last Ranking: 23
22. New York Knicks 11-21 
Last Ranking: 28
23. Boston Celtics 13-21 
Last Ranking: 18
24. Los Angeles Lakers 14-20 
Last Ranking: 21
25. Philadelphia 76ers 11-22 
Last Ranking: 29
26. Cleveland Cavaliers 11-23 
The Cleveland Cavaliers have traded Center Andrew Bynum and several draft picks to the Chicago Bulls for Small Forward Luol Deng.
Last Ranking: 27
27. Utah Jazz 11-25 
Last Ranking: 26
28. Sacramento Kings 10-22
Last Ranking: 25
29. Orlando Magic 10-24 
Last Ranking: 24
30. Milwaukee Bucks 7-26
Last Ranking: 30
Biggest Jump: New York Knicks 28 to 22
Biggest Drop: Tie Between Boston Celtics (18 to 23) and Orlando Magic (24 to 29) 

please note: this article was written before any game on 1/7/13 and thus does not take those games into consideration in the Rankings. 

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